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Old Lu looked at him in astonishment. Even if you can't make money, you can't break your promise. Now that the order has been taken, you have to deliver the product on time. We don't have much time, so we need to find Vice General Manager Shi to discuss the fastest implementation plan. "As for the future," he sighed, "wait until we get past this." Old Lu all over a vibration, where also dare to say more, promised to turn a head to go out. Things happened suddenly, and the time was too hasty, hurried, or failed to deliver all the goods smoothly on the delivery date. Shao Yun personally greeted and apologized to the customer, and the other party expressed his understanding. After all, he could buy high-precision CM products at such a low price, which made the other party feel that he had taken advantage of them. If the first batch of products were used without problems, then long-term cooperation was imperative. The tolerance and understanding of customers did not make Shao Yun feel relaxed. According to the current situation, if materials are completely dependent on imports, then cooperation is tantamount to a disguised loss of money, and his declaration to enter the field of precision manufacturing advocated by Shao has become a ridiculous empty slogan. He is constantly thinking hard, must change, change the current situation, in order to guide Shaw out of the deadlock,plastic bulk containers, but where is the way out? Chapter 13 (II) After Christmas, the temperature suddenly dropped, and immediately there was a feeling of winter. Manji's new store was fully decorated and wanted to open on Christmas Eve, but his father suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. The whole body examination was done, but it was still an old disease, lung disease. The doctor said that there was no sign of deterioration, but they still needed to take good care of themselves. Manzhi and Haifeng were greatly relieved. She wanted to take her father to live in her own home several times, but Jinbao refused. She always thought that it was her son and daughter-in-law's business to take care of herself. Manzhi had paid too much for the family and could not bother her any more. Manzhi is really helpless to his father's stubbornness,plastic pallet price, but his sister-in-law serves him well, and Haifeng is helping in his own shop, so he can adjust his schedule freely and will not delay anything. She usually has nothing else to do after closing, so she can often go back and talk with her father to relieve her boredom. The old man is old, and it's easy to think too much. Manzhi went to Shao's house less and less, and sometimes she didn't want to go there even on Friday. She just said hello to Shen Yufang on the phone and went directly to the kindergarten to take Mengmeng to herself. I'm not afraid of anything, but I think it's better to gradually fade out of each other's life circle after divorce. So when she received a burning phone call from Shao Lei that evening, she was not surprised. Sister-in-law, is my brother in your place? After such a long time, Shao Lei still refused to change his words and still called Manzhi sister-in-law. Nothing Manzhi was surprised. Shao Lei was immediately disappointed, "Oh, this afternoon after the meeting, the eldest brother disappeared, I thought he would go to find you.". Alas. Forget it, that's it. He said he was about to hang up the phone. Wait Manzhi stopped him in time, collapsible bulk containers ,collapsible pallet box, and a string in his mind suddenly tightened. "What's the matter?" Shao Lei sighed and said, "My brother's new project is in trouble." He didn't explain it very clearly on the phone, but Manzhi understood. She knew what the project meant to Shao Yun. In the past few days, I have been holding a meeting to discuss countermeasures and study them. There are many plans, but none of them satisfy my eldest brother. At the meeting just now, I saw that his mood was very wrong, so I wanted to talk to him when the meeting was over. I didn't expect to turn around and disappear. I asked everyone, but I didn't know where he was going. This is not to worry me to death! Manji calmed down for a moment and comforted him by saying, "Don't panic. I don't think anything will happen to him. I just want to find a place to be quiet." Shao Lei was quite anxious, listening to her say so, feel not unreasonable, Shao Yun's temper is indeed so, not happy, too lazy to tell people about their whereabouts. That's right. Well, why didn't I think of that? Hehe, or you know my brother. Hung up the phone, but Manzhi was a little restless.
The words just now are purely to comfort Shao Lei, she has no bottom in her heart, although Shao Yun has been much calmer this year, however, the so-called rivers and mountains are easy to change, nature is hard to change, especially his most important thing is out of the situation, with his personality, I do not know if it will make a mess again. As soon as the weather was cold, there were fewer guests in the evening. Manzhi sat in the shop with her thoughts flying and could not do anything at all, so she simply said hello to Li Qian and went home first. I opened the door and turned on the living room lamp. Under the silvery light, I suddenly felt a sense of desolation. I felt lonely for the first time after living for so long. Maybe she was born to be busy, and when she stopped, she would feel empty. He was dispirited and had no appetite, so he hastily cooked a bowl of instant noodles to eat. As soon as he picked up a chopstick to stuff it into his mouth, his mobile phone began to sing again. He jumped for no reason in his heart. He immediately threw down the bowl and chopsticks and ran to pick it up. It was Shao Yun. I'm downstairs from you. He said, in a calm tone, that he could not hear anything unusual. Manji swallowed nervously. "What's the matter?" He smiled softly. "It's all right. I suddenly want to see you. Is it convenient to come down?" Manzhi hesitated for a moment, but agreed. Ignoring the steaming instant noodles, she grabbed her coat and handbag, hurriedly changed her shoes at the entrance and came out. Go down stair at the same time, still have some of palpitation at the same time, how to agree so easily? All right, didn't we say we were going to be friends? Friends have troubles, it is normal to comfort themselves. She walked all the way downstairs, and saw Shao Yun leaning in front of the car under the street lamp, playing with his mobile phone in his hand, with a thoughtful look. When she came out, a faint smile immediately appeared at the corners of her mouth. The light was dim, and Manzhi still noticed that he was haggard. When she walked over, Shao Yun had already opened the door of the copilot for her, so he didn't say much and went in. The two men sat down in the car,plastic pallet manufacturer, and Manzhi opened her mouth first, "Shao Lei just called me." Shao Yun immediately guessed the reason and snorted, "He's a busybody." 。

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